Minimalist? What does it mean?

I define myself as on the path of minimalism or as a minimalist. I do not think I am completely minimalist but I am trying to. Now the question is: What is minimalism ? I cannot give a perfect answer because everyone as a different idea on the word minimalism. According to lots of person a minimalist is someone who intentionally reduces his/her possessions to what he/she needs. To go further, I will try to explain my own vision of minimalism.

Less ‘stuff’, less stress

Lets focus on the basics: the minimalists own less stuff. But this is quite vague: some minimalists travel with only a bag pack while some other have a house , a car, a television and a dressing full of clothes. Why? Because minimalism is living with what you, as a unique person, need, but also with what makes you happy on the long run. I personally own less clothes that most of my friends and I shop less. However on the morning I always find an outfit that I love in my dressing. I have possessions that suit to my lifestyle and that make me happy. This is a way to focus on the positive things in your life because you are surrounded with only things you love and things you are using. It is less stress, less things to take care of, to clean and more space for what you love and for you!


Minimalism on the inside

Whereas, minimalism does not stop to what you possess, it is a way of living. It is also becoming minimalist on the inside. What does it mean? It means letting go of the negative relationship in your life, the ones that make you feel bad about yourself and about your life; it means setting clear goals and letting go of the ones that are not truly yours but that you want to achieve to please the others. It also means learning who you are by living intentionally, reflecting about what you are doing and if it is really what you want. To me this is a way to be calmer and to concentrate on what makes me happy and what matters to me.

Beyond the pressure from society

Minimalism is also how I try to go beyond the pressure and the idea of happiness that society impose. Living with less means consuming less because I want to buy only things that I truly need and that will bring happiness in my life. When society leads us to consume more, the minimalists want to consume in a different way. I want to pursue the things that make ME happy and not the things that society tells me to pursue.

A more sustainable alternative

Finally, as the title of my blog claim, I am trying to be ‘green’ (and happy of course!). To consume less is to consume better, to have a less negative impact on the planet. For examples, I try to eat organic food, I am also vegetarian, trying to eat healthy, to buy ethical clothes… Everything that can help to improve the way we affect our environnement is good to me. All the minimalists do not include it in their lifestyle but that a huge part of the process for me.

I hope I would have answer to your questions, tell me below what do you think about the minimalist movement and see you next Monday for a new article! Also if you have any suggestions, tell me in the comments ! Have a beautiful week !



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